What is your return policy?

gizmostyle.com wants to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your shopping experience.

If the item you received is defective or incorrect, we will accept an exchange for a new item within 7 days of the delivery date. Otherwise, all sales are final.

Can I add or remove items from my order once it is submitted?

Once your order has been submitted, we begin processing your order, which entails a number of steps. During this time we cannot add or remove items from your order. 

Can I cancel my order after it has been placed?

Once your order is submitted, we begin processing your order, which entails a number of steps. During this time we are unable to modify or cancel your order. 

Do you ship worldwide?

We offer Insured World Wide Shipping How long will it take to process my order? Our processing times vary from item to item and based on your order, but it typically takes somewhere between 1 to 4 business days to process an order.

How long will it - under normal circumstances - take to receive my order?



 Estimated Delivery Time


2 to 4 weeks


4 to 6 weeks


4 to 8 weeks

Once you place your order, there will be a 1-4 business day processing period followed by a shipping period indicated in the table above. Delivery times vary by country.

May I get a tracking number?

Most orders include a tracking number if you are not from a remote destination.

I ordered multiple items, will everything arrive together?

Each of our products is made-to-order, and some items can take longer to make than others after your order is placed. Because of this, we ship out each item as soon as it is completed rather than waiting for the other item(s) in the order to be ready.

Delivery is taking longer than expected. Why?

Unfortunately, delivery may take longer than the usual 2-4 weeks for an order to arrive. Due to a high demand of some of our most popular products, we ask our customers to please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. In some very rare cases it may take even longer if the product is very popular. There are circumstances that are out of our control (natural disasters, holidays, weather, etc) that may cause shipping delays.

While most packages will arrive within the typical shipping time listed above, there may be circumstances and delays that our carriers may experience. For this reason, we do NOT guarantee the exact delivery times. Delivery times are an estimate only and Via Essentials will not be liable for any unreasonable or unavoidable delay in delivery, the delivery times are subject to change without notice.

My package says it was delivered, but I didn't get it! What do you recommend?

In the event your tracking info indicates your package was delivered, but you don't have it, please be sure do the following before contacting us (as we don't have any more information than you do):

  • Ask your neighbors if they may have gotten it by accident. 

  • Consider if family or someone else in your household might have picked it up or received it and put it somewhere unexpected.

  • Look around at all the doors of your house. Packages are occasionally left at a side door or porch, or fall off the steps.

  • Contact your postal carrier and your local post office to see if they have any more information as to the whereabouts of your package.